Wireless Mobile Sync

Work Anywhere

Connect and do more while you are on the road. Reschedule a meeting when your flight has been delayed or send an email to your team members all at once.

Kerio Connect gives you the freedom to work where you are and to use the smartphone of your choice.

Sync Anything

Simply syncs with direct push email. Sync email, calendar and contacts automatically with your mobile device. Great real-time changes on your phone, on your computer or on the web.

Kerio Connect connects directly to ActiveSync enabled devices over the air.

Protect Data

Protect your data when you phone is lost or stolen. Delete confidential information from your device over the air, through Kerio Smart Wipe.

BlackBerry Users

In order to Sync a BlackBerry handset to Kerio, users will need to also install NotifySync


Email Collaboration

Manage email, share contacts and schedule meetings

Wireless Mobile Sync

Synchronize with any smartphone wirelessly over the air

Email Security

Stop unwanted emails with over 14 anti-spam techniques

Web Mail

Sophisticated and user friendly web based email access

Email Archiving

Save local, incoming, outgoing and relayed messages.

Automated Backup

Backup the server without having to stop the server