Email Security

Block Unwanted Emails with the Power of an Email Security Appliance

Anti-spam protection

  • Block up to 98% of spam with over 14 antispam layers
  • Directory Harvest Attack protection.
  • Anti-phishing / anti-spoofing.
  • Real-time blacklist server.
  • Custom whitelists and blacklists.
  • SpamAssassin (Bayes, Heuristic, and SURBL).SMTP restrictions and more.

Conserve server resources

  • Block up to 80% of spam before it even reaches the server. This reduces the amount of emails that needs to be filtered and stored on disk.

Anti-virus protection

  • Filter viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware from incoming, outgoing and relayed emails.
  • Simplify deployment with integrated McAfee engine.
  • Ready-to-use plugins for other anti-virus engines (ClamAV, AVG, NOD32, Sophos, Symantec, Avast and VisNetic). Combine McAfee with a second anti-virus engine for double the protection.


Email Collaboration

Manage email, share contacts and schedule meetings

Wireless Mobile Sync

Synchronize with any smartphone wirelessly over the air

Email Security

Stop unwanted emails with over 14 anti-spam techniques

Web Mail

Sophisticated and user friendly web based email access

Email Archiving

Save local, incoming, outgoing and relayed messages.

Automated Backup

Backup the server without having to stop the server